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Chocolate 'Dice,' Confetti Launchers, Versatile Ceramic Food Pans

Chocolate 'Dice,' Confetti Launchers, Versatile Ceramic Food Pans

Chocolate 'Dice' Now Offered
Role-playing gamers, dice-based game enthusiasts, and golf wagerers will all get a kick out of Dice Candies, a line of handmade chocolate dice. The chocolate dice, made from Ghirardelli chocolate, are presented in gold foil cups. Unlike other chocolate cubes covered in die-printed wrappers, Dice Chocolates are molded to resemble true dice. Varieties include 60 percent cacao chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and organic dark chocolate. The candies are suited for casino nights, games, role-playing tournaments, weddings and other special events.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 101 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

Flutter Fetti Products Ready for Holiday Celebrations
Event planners thinking ahead to New Year's Eve and other holiday celebrations will want to review the confetti products available from Flutter Fetti. The 18-inch Airless Launcher [in photo] is double-sided and preloaded at each end, providing two confetti shots per tube. Guests simply flick one end of the launcher, then turn the tube over and flick the other end. Metallic streamers launched from the tube reach up to 30 feet high without requiring CO2; the streamers are made from flame-retardant PVC film. The company does not require a minimum order.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 102 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

Hall China Offers Versatile Ceramic Food Pans
Ceramic food pans from Hall China, a division of Homer Laughlin China Co., allow food on buffet and serving lines to keep its quality longer compared with plans made of plastic, which doesn't retain temperature well, or stainless steel, which can continue to cook the food, the company says. Because ceramic pans hold temperature well, they reduce the incidence of food getting cold or drying out, which creates food waste. Ceramic is ideal for holding delicate foods such as eggs and heavy cream sauces and is highly scratch-resistant and therefore more easily cleaned and sanitized than other materials. Hall China pans come in eight sizes, including two deep sizes.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 103 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

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