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Creating a Harmonious Relationship Between Planner and Caterer

3 ways to cultivate the planner-caterer relationship

The theme of the post-pandemic event world is collaboration: with vendors, with teams, and most definitely, with caterers. At the Catersource + The Special Event conference in May 2022, caterer/planner collaboration was a topic that came up again and again. 

"The worst possible thing we can do is exist in two separate silos,” closing keynote speaker Roy Choi said. “We have to set each other up for success, and sometimes we need a safe space to argue it out. There can’t be anymore, ‘this is my domain, this is your domain.’ We're all together now and we need each other. The only way we can bounce back is to create a new environment for each other.” 

As planners, it might seem like catering is a separate world, but Meredith Commender, founder of Significant Events of Texas, says that this relationship is one of the most valuable parts of an event. “After all,” she says, “they bring together the two most fundamental parts of an event: a smooth, efficient timeline and the food and beverage service.” 

Commender offers three strategies for cultivating strong, mutual relationships between yourself and your caterer (or any vendor): communicate often, become a resource, and practice mediation skills. 

To learn more about each of these strategies, read the full article from Catersource here

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