Special Events
LiquidCardboard wishboard

Eco-friendly Cardboard Decor Pieces, Deco-inspired Bar, Colorful and Durable Silicone Glassware

New products for special events include eco-friendly decor pieces made from cardboard from LiquidCardboard, an art-deco style bar from Ronen Rental, and durable silicone glassware from Silipint

LiquidCardboard Supplies Eco-friendly Cardboard Decor Pieces
LiquidCardboard offers a range of products—from decor pieces to hats to vases—made from eco-friendly, recycled/recyclable honeycomb cardboard. Shown here, a "wishboard" room partition, into which guests can insert slips of paper bearing their wishes and affirmations. At a recent gala honoring superstar architect Frank Gehry, who uses cardboard in his designs, event planner David Monn used Liquidcardboard products including table settings and décor items, the company says.
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Ronen Rental art deco bar

Deco-inspired Bar Offered by Ronen Rental
Ronen Rental's bar featuring black and gold molding adds an elegant, art deco vibe to an event. Made of wood panels with molding details, the bar's top is upholstered in black patent vinyl. The unit features an open back and 4-foot shelf.
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Silipant silicone glassware

Silipint Silicone Glasses Are Colorful, Durable
Made from food-grade silicone, Silipant glasses are customizable for any event, the company says. The glasses are both dish machine- and microwave-safe, BPA-free, and appropriate to serve both hot and cold beverages. The glasses are available in a variety of sizes and colors.
Visit www.freeproductinfo.net/se and check the box for 103.

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