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Special Events
Event Resources for Feb. 10, 2010

Event Resources for Feb. 10, 2010

Aerial Champagne Girls Offers Fizzy Fun
The "Aerial Champagne Girls" from Cirque USA are glamorous performers who dangle upside-down from chandeliers to pour champagne or other festive drinks for admiring guests. The performers work 30-minute sets of six minutes each, demonstrating grace, stamina and drama. The act is ideal for fashion events, awards shows, product launches, grand openings and private parties, the company says.
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Creative Coverings Provides Resuable Shipping Bags
As part of the eco-conscious movement, linen rental and sales company Creative Coverings now offers clients a resuable nylon shipping bag to handle all of its return shipping services. The company estimates the bags will replace some 300 to 600 corrugated cardboard boxes—the traditional mode of shipping—over the life of a single bag. The bag is an extra durable nylon duffle bag with oversize zippers; the company worked with United Parcel Service to ensure that bag will ship securely, management says. Clients will incur no additional handling charges or oversize charges when returning linen in the bags.
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Place Card Butler Stand Organizes Seating Cards
The new display from Place Card Butler--which made its debut at The Special Event in January--is a vertical stand designed to make it easy for event guests to find their place cards. Suitable for use by venues, caterers and other event professionals, the stand can be customized to the event with ribbons, menu cards, photos, fabric, flowers and other signature items. The company's Web site offers decorating hints.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through Feb. 16.

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