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Events Company Pico Group releases 2022 Market Survey

Survey provides insight into current issues in events industry

Global brand activation and digital event marketing company Pico recently released their 2022 Annual Market Survey, a poll among events professionals focusing on business investments in event types, sustainability, and new technologies, among other topics. The results reveal the changing attitudes of issues exposed in light of the pandemic, as well as the current technical and sociopolitical landscape. 

“Audience behavior has changed across all spheres of life, and not solely due to COVID-19. People are embracing new ways of getting information, of engaging with brands and with each other. For some, purchasing decisions hinge on issues such as climate change. All of this challenges the way businesses, brands, marketers, and agencies think,” said Tyronne O’Callaghan, Vice President, Client Strategy, Global Activation Team, Pico. 

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Survey results for anticipated industry challenges. Photo courtesy Pico Group

Conducted between April and July, the survey extracted the opinions of executives (20%), directors (31%), managers (47%) and others (2%) from a wide variety of sectors across the globe. 

Results from the survey reveal a renewed value in in-person events among planners, increased since pre-pandemic numbers. Hybrid events are also emphasized as important, with virtual events receiving less favor. “62% of respondents said that virtual/hybrid event platforms were a critical component of their hybrid toolbox, or that they were ‘exploring/looking to increase’ their use.” 

That being said, the virtual space is under transformation with the elevation of events in the metaverse; 47% of respondents are currently “exploring the potential of metaverse’, while 13% have already “conducted some activity” there. 

Tactical Importance 2022.jpg
Survey results for upcoming strategy importance. Photo courtesy Pico Group

Survey results also revealed a gap in data analytics expertise: planners are increasingly aware of the importance of data analytics yet are uncomfortable with current levels of understanding. Finally, the disconnect in sustainability goals and budgets was addressed, as well as the importance of a brand’s values and contribution to society. 

Learn more by downloading the 2022 Annual Market Survey here

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