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EventUp Survey Confirms Event Trends from 2022

Tripleseat directory data to keep in mind for future events

A recent report from event management software company Tripleseat analyzed data from EventUp, a global venue directory powered internally by the company. Drawing from leads and bookings, Tripleseat was able to detect trends among events throughout the first half of 2022. Here are some of the findings: 

  • The busiest month of 2022 was March 
  • Birthdays are the top celebrated events, followed by baby showers  
  • Saturday is the most popular day for events 
  • Event spaces are the top booked venues, followed by restaurants 
  • Events averaged 130 guests 
  • The average event cost/spend is $3545 

Planners can use this data to more effectively strategize events for the rest of the year—for instance, plan ahead for Saturday events, especially at event spaces and restaurants. 

View the full infographic here

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