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Everything Pros Wish They Knew When They Started Their Business

Tips for getting started in the events industry

If you’re just getting started in the event industry, you’ve chosen well—this industry is projected to be worth more than $1,552.9 billion by 2028. While mistakes can often be the best teachers, there’s no need to begin with little to no knowledge about the business. In a recent article for Catersource, expert wedding consultant Meghan Ely rounded up some advice for beginners. Here’s the main points she wants you to know: 

  • Put your values first 
  • Practice saying no 
  • Know your different roles 
  • Find a mentor 
  • Understand typical workflows 
  • Prioritize networking
  • Don’t be afraid to outsource 
  • Educate yourself 
  • Know your worth 
  • Go for it! 

To learn more about each tip, read the full article from Catersource here.

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