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Flags, Wheelchair Ramps, Theme Props, Floating Decor, Tiki Torches

Flags, Wheelchair Ramps, Theme Props, Floating Decor, Tiki Torches

Flags of Bali Offered
Beautiful, authentic Balinese flags and decorations that make your special event stand out from the rest. Perfect for weddings, parties, gardens, corporate events, advertising and more! Custom printing available.
Flags of Bali/My Natural Wedding

Wheelchair Ramps Available from Amramp
Amramp offers an easy, affordable solution to make any event ADA-compliant, accessible and green. Fireproof. Recyclable/reusable/rentable. Installed in one day.

Accessories for Every Occasion from Eclectic Encore
A vast assortment of theme items is available from Eclectic/Encore Props. Four showroom floors hold everything from A to Z.
Eclectic/Encore Props

Standing Room Only!
AirDD’s expanded Hi-Light™ collections include many designs that require no rigging points! Rising Stars seem to float in space on special ground-supported truss. Other standing piece—Lilia Pods, Three-Leaf Seaweed and Hydra Trees—have been refashioned to take up less space. Although light in weight, these pieces are heavyweights for drama. Easy, affordable and available for rent or purchase. USA-designed, in-stock and flame-retardant.

Bamboo Tiki Torches from Fortune Products
“No fire, no liability, no oily mess, no stinky smells.” Very similar in design to the standard and very popular bamboo tiki lights on the market. Handcrafted from high-quality bamboo, each torch has a bowl-shaped lens and six bright, flickering, candlelight-colored LEDs for great illumination. Battery-powered for instant setup. Breaks down into three pieces to save on storage and shipping cost. The torches will run approximately 20-plus hours using two AA batteries (not included).
Fortune Products Inc.

These products are advertised in our "In Season" section. To place your ad, please contact Eliza Tano at 800/543-4116.

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