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Forget Work & Life Balance: Why It’s All About Integration Right Now

Why balancing work and personal life can't be separate realms

The folks at Hustle + Gather don’t want you to aim for work-life balance. 

Instead, they believe in striving for integrating your work and your personal life into a healthy day.  

“Integration is about accepting, embracing and harnessing the power of bringing your full, unabridged self to every moment of your life,” they said in a recent article for Catersouce.

Here are their tips for achieving an integrated lifestyle. 

  1. Update your workspace. Comfort and joy shouldn’t be confined to the before- and after-hours of the job. 
  2. Define your own schedule. Humans don’t always work best from 9 to 5, so work when it makes the most sense for you—when your productivity is at its peak. 
  3. Don’t let your boundaries go unnoticed. Enforcing boundaries is key to protecting your time and energy. 
  4. Get familiar with yourself. Recognize your body’s responses to stress so you can curve burnout before it happens. 

Click here for a deep-dive into each tip with the full article from Catersource. 



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