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Glass Rimmer, Folding Table Cover, "Honeycomb" Buffet Unit

Glass Rimmer, Folding Table Cover, "Honeycomb" Buffet Unit

Rimmer for Drink Glasses Available
New from Lime Tree Cove, the "Barmaid" unit makes rimming a glass with salt, sugar or a spice blend quick and easy, the manufacturer says. Suited for use with margaritas, mojitos, martinis, Bloody Marys, and coffee and tea drinks, the unit allows the user full control over the amount of flavoring applied to the glass. Twelve drinks can be rimmed per filling, according to the manufacturer, and the unit is dishwasher-safe. The company also offers a line of cocktail rimming spices, salts and sugars.
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Tablevogue Offers Table Cover for Folding Tables
The Tablevogue table cover is designed to provide a snug-fitting, easy-to-use table cover that quickly covers unsightly legs of folding banquet tables without clipping, pinning or taping. Available in white, red and natural, the cover is made of machine-washable, soil-resistant polyester that will not shrink or fade, according to the manufacturer. Three sizes are available: 6-foot and 8-foot banquet and 35-inch folding card table. .
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"Honeycomb" Buffet Display Debuts
Tabletop designer Vikki Smyth has debuted the new "HoneyComb Stack," a buffet display piece developed to provide drama without requiring much space. The acrylic structure is 5 ½ inches tall and measures 5½ by 5 ½ inches on one end and 11 by 5 ½ inches on the other. Held together with clips at th back, the units can be stacked to create a pyramid, a linear wall or other configuration. The displays are ideal for presenting tapas plates, hors d'oeuvre, dessert plates, cocktails and décor items such as flowers and lights. The units are available in black, white and clear.
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