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Having Tough Conversations With Your Employees (the Right Way)

Tips to keep confrontations constructive

Let’s face it—regardless of good intentions, mistakes happen, and when you’re the boss, it’s your responsibility to deal with them appropriately. Marketing and PR consultant Meghan Ely wrote in a recent Catersource article that “those tough conversations can go two ways: constructively or destructively. Clearly, we want to avoid the latter—but it’s not as simple as putting a smile on and setting a feel-good intention. Navigating tense situations requires poise to preserve the integrity of your relationship and your core values.” 

Here are Ely’s tips for handling these conversations in a constructive manner: 

  1. Skip the blame game 
  2. Be clear and direct 
  3. Choose the right time and place 
  4. Arm yourself with a plan 
  5. Don’t forget to follow up 

To learn more about each tip, click here to read the full article on Catersource. 

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