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Holiday Cupcake Wrappers, "Leaf" Floral Ribbon, Acrylic Candelabra

Holiday Cupcake Wrappers, "Leaf" Floral Ribbon, Acrylic Candelabra

Holiday-theme Cupcake Wrappers Debut from Bella Cupcake Couture
New from Bella Cupcake Couture, which offers high-end cupcake wrappers, the new holiday line includes "Zoe," a saucy Halloween wrapper that features skulls and other spooky motifs on a black and white wrapper (in photo), and "Noelle," which sports snowflakes, elegant ornaments and packages tied up in bows. The "Victoria" line is appropriate for many special events, emblazoned with the word "celebrate" and an array of whimsical crowns. The company offers textile-inspired wrappers in fashion-forward colors. The wrappers are eco-friendly; each design is printed with soy inks on recycled linen paper.
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"Leaf" Ribbon Offered by Berwick Offray
The new "leaf" ribbon from Berwick Offray is a water-resistant ribbon that mimics leaf and bark patterns without the cost or limited shelf life of live product, the manufacturer says. Ideal for wrapping the inside or outside of a vase, the "leaf" option is a 4-inch-by-50-yard spool. Designers can create a looped leaf shape within an arrangement simply by tearing the ribbon to their desired width, the company says. The product is available in emerald green, chocolate/ivory bark and black/white bark.
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Acrylic Candelabras Offered by Kool Party Rentals
The new line of acrylic tabletop candelabras from Kool Party Rentals combines a stylish lamp with a wireless LED base that can highlight the candelabra in any color, the company says. Each 36-by-36-by-30-inch piece is made of clear, study acrylic that has been artfully designed, according to the company. Different size candles with interchangeable candle holders—mechanical, pillar or votives—all work, and a central 10-inch base accompanies any floral design.
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