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New Aztec Tent, Ice Bars, Free Event App

New Aztec Tent, Ice Bars, Free Event App

59-foot Tidewater Tent New from Aztec
Aztec Tents has introduced the newest product in its Sail Cloth line—the 59-foot-wide Tidewater series twin pole tent, the largest width available in the line. The product was created in response to client demand for tents for their larger events, the company says. The tent is designed to present the same dramatic appearance of its sister product while offering the advantages of a twin-pole design, which allows for additional seating and event layout configurations thanks to its 10-foot leg spacings. The new design allows event planners to cover as much as 7,700 square feet of event space, the company says.
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Ice Bulb Creates 16-foot Ice Bars
For a recent event in Las Vegas, the company Ice Bulb created 16-foot ice bars that were suspended mid-air from the ceiling of the hotel venue. The bars were used for desserts and featured spots cut out for custards; they also were emblazoned with the corporate sponsor's logo. The company offers a wide range of products including ice luges, furniture, centerpieces, sculptures, portraits, logos, food displays, curtains and lounges. Most ice sculptures will last from four to six hours depending on size and detail. While most sculptures are created off-site, the company can create ice shows on-site.
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Twoppy Debuts Free Event App
New from the Netherlands, "Twoppy" is a mobile smartphone app that enables event organizers to deliver information to their guests for free. The simple system requires no technical knowledge, the developers say, and the basic functionality is available at no cost; premium optional features—such as branding of the dashboard and sponsor representation—are available. Events using the Twoppy app have included TEDx Amsterdam and A State of Trance, according to the developers. The app empowers guests to promote the event via social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through July 19. Do you have a cool new product to share with us? Please send it here--thanks!

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