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Bedazzle My Bonbons display tray with forks

New Bonbon Tray with Forks, Chafer Storage Box, 'French Leaf' Linen

New display tray with forks from Bedazzle My Bonbons, sturdy chafer storage box from Glass Caddy, 'French Leaf' overlay linen from Over the Top Rental Linens

Bedazzle My Bonbons Debuts Display Tray with Forks

Bedazzle My Bonbons has just introduced a stylish display tray that comes complete with 25 miniature forks. Made of high-quality acrylic, the tray enables event hosts to showcase and serve the company’s glittering bonbons.
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Chafer storage box

Chafer Caddy New from Glass Caddy

Designed to make transporting and storing chafing dishes easy and safe, the new "Chafer Caddy" from Glass Caddy is a corrugated plastic container complete with lid. The container is strong, waterproof, washable and stackable, and is made from the same chemical-resistant, FDA-approved material that the company uses in its "Glass Caddy" line.
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Over the Top French Leaf linen

Over the Top Introduces 'French Leaf' Linen

"French Leaf" is an elegant new linen imported from France by Over the Top Rental Linens. The design is available in ivory or white sheer and comes in a 132-inch round, providing a distinctive look to any color fabric used beneath it, the company says.
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