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Airstar Dune dome

New 'Dune' Inflatable Structure, Ostrich Feather Fans, Deal on GaffGun Package

New products for special event professionals include an elegant inflatable structure from Airstar, big ostrich feather fans from FancyFeather.com, and a deal on the GaffGun and tape from Rose Brand

Airstar Launches 'Dune' Inflatable Structure
New from Airstar, "Dune" is designed to be a temporary inflatable structure offering unparalleled safety and aesthetics. The modular system allows for a wide range of configurations. The 200-square-meter structure (2,150 square feet), including both the dome and tunnel, can be set up in two hours, the company says.
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Fancy Feather fan

FancyFeather.com Offers Ostrich Feather Fans
FancyFeather.com offers double-layer ostrich feather fans that open to 50 by 25 inches. A total of 40 colors are available; the fans can be ordered as kits or already assembled.
Visit www.freeproductinfo.net/se and check the box for 102.

Rose Brand GaffGun

Rose Brand Offers Deal on GaffGun, Tape
Rose Brand now offers the GaffGun—a floor-tape dispenser that straightens and centers cables, then lays tape over them. For a limited time, event pros can buy the GaffGun package—which includes the gun and a case of tape—for a discounted price.
Visit www.freeproductinfo.net/se and check the box for 103.

Don't wait; news on these products is available free only until March 17.

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