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New RFID Laundry Chips, Cinch Straps, Badge-making Kit

New RFID Laundry Chips, Cinch Straps, Badge-making Kit

Datamars Launches New UHF-RFID Laundry Chips
The new line of RFID laundry chips from Datamars allow party and linen rental companies to install an inventory tracking system for a lower capital investment than what is typically required, the company says. The new NOVO line of laundry chips deliver read ranges up to 12 feet without requiring a direct line of sight. The chips are available in a standard version, which can be sewn into a pouch or hem, and in a heat-sealable version. The NOVO line was designed specifically to meet the rigors of high-volume, high-pressure wash workflows and has the ability to withstand the special requirements of flat-linen laundry processes, with their higher level of water-extraction presses and heat from the latest commercial ironers, according to the company.
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Velcro Cinch Straps New from Fastenation
The new Velcro industrial cinch straps from Fastenation have a plastic buckle and webbing sewn into the back of the strap for reinforcement and superior cinching strength, the company says. The straps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are ideal for bundling or wrapping heavy industrial items. The strops are available in a 20-inch width by 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches or 36 inches, in black only. Custom colors and sizes are available upon request. The company also offers stretch cinch straps, which allow for increased flexibility.
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Mighty Badge Kit Makes Badge-making Simple
The Mighty Badge badge-making system from Imprint Plus is designed to produce high-quality name badges quickly and professionally, the company says. Sold in 10-badge kits, the system requires only a computer and printer to create custom badges. Badges are available in four different sizes, in rectangular or oval shape, and with a choice of gold, silver or white background. The badges can be further customized with specific fonts, graphics and colors.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through July 3. Do you have a cool new product to share with us? Please send it here--thanks!

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