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New Tent Liners, Mobile Event Check-in, "Silent Party" Headphones

New Tent Liners, Mobile Event Check-in, "Silent Party" Headphones

A-1 Debuts New Tent Liners
The new line of tent liners from A-1 Tablecloth Co. are designed to provide a dramatic pillowed effect to tent interiors, the manufacturer says. The liners can be integrated into a rental operation's existing inventory by using the same type of Velcro attachments and pulley systems available from other vendors, according to the company. The liners, which are durable and washable, are manufactured with flame-retardant material in widths from 10 feet to 50 feet and are available in white, black and ivory. Custom colors are available upon request. The liners come in color-coded storage bags with easy-to-follow installation instructions.
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ITN Introduces Mobile Event Check-in
ITN International now offers a mobile check-in system that enables event attendees to have their credentials sent directly to their smartphone; a barcode will appear on their phone screen, which can be read by scanners at the event. No longer will attendees be required to print and carry a copy of their confirmation or wait while their data is searched at the registration area. The system can also be used for session admissions and to control admission at evening events taking place after the registration area is closed. The system can also enable exhibitors to e-mail mobile coupons and other marketing tools to qualified prospects, the company says.
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Silent Party Headphones Offer Guest Choice
The new high-end, wireless headphone sets from Silent Party USA enable guests to listen to music or a presentation without disturbing others, the company says. Guests control their own listening experience by toggling between two separate streams of audio transferred via UHF technology. For instance, one channel could be a DJ and the other an iPod. The phones can receive sound from up to 300 feet and come equipped with a personal volume control and mute button. The phones were used recently by Disney at a grad-night event, according to the company.
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