Special Events
Customizable plate decals

Personalized Decal Plates, High-quality On-site Printers, Customizable LED Label Vodka

New products for special event professionals include personalized decal plates, high-quality on-site photo printers, and vodka bottles with customizable LED label bottles.

Create UR Plate Offers Personalized Decal Plates
Create UR Plate provides cost-effective, personalized and customized event plates in elegant glass or sturdy disposable with customized decals. The decals are removable, which means one plate can be used again and again by simply changing the decal, offering increased revenue per guest. Decals can be made from a library of templates, or create your own using photos, text, logos and art. Plates and decals are sold separately. Visit www.freeproductinfo.net/se and check the box for 101

DNP on-site printer

High-quality On-site Printers Available from DNP Photo Imaging
The flagship DNP DS40 printer from DNP Photo Imaging uses dye-sublimation technology to produce high-quality photo images on-site at events. The images are produced in full color with a protective lamination coating that provides resistance to fading, fingerprints, water and dust, the company says. Visit www.freeproductinfo.net/se and check the box for 102

Medea Vodka

Medea Debuts Customizable LED Label Vodka
Medea Vodka—a super-premium brand distilled in Holland—is available in bottles featuring a patented, programmable band of LED lighting that scrolls across the bottle. The bands are pre-programmed with six useful phrases and can also be programmed to display a custom message. Visit www.freeproductinfo.net/se and check the box for 103

Do you have a cool new product or service for special events? Please share it with us—thanks!

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