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Product Gallery for Nov. 18, 2009

Product Gallery for Nov. 18, 2009

Atomic Rental Offers Pinwheel Panels
The new, modular Pinwheel Panel line, available for rent from Atomic Rental, features 2-by-2-foot squares with a 9-inch dimensional depth, the company says. Crafted from fiberglass tubes with injection-molded corners, flame-retardant spandex, aluminum tubing and injection-molded clips, the panels create a scenic background suitable for many stage and event applications, according to the company. They can be hung from trussing or ground supported, fashioned into a full-stage backdrop, hung in columns or groupings, or used as a space divider.
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Eureka Debuts Scissor Clamp
The new scissor clamp from Eureka Tents and Accessories is designed to attach lights, accessories and decor inside tents without requiring additional tools or wire ties. The tool relies on the principle of a scissor-style device, the manufacturer says, for ease of use. It has been independently tested and is load-rated at 100 lbs. The clamp works well on keder, hex and aluminum side poles, according to the company.
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Decorative Snow Available from JRM Chemical
JRM Chemical's new Snow Real creates instant decorative "snow" suitable for table centerpieces, candle arrangements and holiday displays. When mixed with water, each ounce of dry product will yield more than 2 quarts of white, fluffy, glistening "snow" that resembles true snow, the manufacturer says. The product, which can be used to replace cotton or shredded foam in displays, is nontoxic and environmentally safe, according to the manufacturer. Snow Real is particularly appropriate to use with candles because it will not burn and will actually extinguish any open flame that comes in contact with it.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through Nov. 24.

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