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"QR" Chocolates, New Photo Upload App, Pretty Arch Styles

"QR" Chocolates, New Photo Upload App, Pretty Arch Styles

Chocolate Graphics Debuts "QR" Chocolates
Putting a new spin on the red-hot "QR" (Quick Response) codes, Chocolate Graphics now offers chocolates custom-embossed with the codes. Just as with a QR code in a magazine ad, clients can snap a photo of the embossed chocolate with their smartphone, then download information about the product or service the code represents. The codes can be used to promote a special event, website, Facebook page, online catalogue, new product, discount coupon or trade show, among others. The QR code chocolates are available in 1-inch and 2-inch squares, and in milk, dark and white chocolate.
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Upload App New from L.A. Photo Party
The new iPad app from L.A. Photo Party enables event photographers to transfer their photos wirelessly from their camera to an iPad; guests can then seamlessly upload branded photos from the iPad to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and to their own email accounts. Guests can also print branded photos from the iPad for an instant take-away. Besides extending the event to the social media world, the app enables event organizers to collect email addresses and to generate revenue as guests can be tracked and charged per upload and per print.
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Three Colonnade Arch Styles Now Available
Meese Orbitron Dunne now offers three styles of arches for its colonnade arch system. Rental companies, wedding designers, banquet managers and other event professionals can now choose from a straight style as well as contemporary curved and traditional angled styles. The three different arch styles are placed atop the company's Greco-Roman, modern oval and smooth Tuscan-style colonnade arch systems respectively. The three arch styles, which are offered individually and packaged with complete arch systems, are rotationally molded from 100 percent polyethylene that looks like smooth stone yet is lighter in weight for easy handling.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through June 7. Do you have a cool new product to share with us? Please send it here--thanks!

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