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Setting Expectations for the Holiday Season

Tips for boundary-setting around the holidays

As joyous and sentimental as the holiday season is, it's also known for chaos and stress as expectations and deadlines close in. And while it's normal for both you and your clients to feel the disorder, it's still more important than ever to set strong boundaries during this time of year. In a recent Catersource article, wedding PR professional Meghan Ely said that "holiday stress doesn’t excuse client behavior that is unacceptable at other times of the year. If anything, this season calls for firmer boundaries to protect your time and well-being—event pros deserve to enjoy some much-deserved downtime, too!"

So if you're in need of ways to maintain distance with clients while keeping up quality service, look no further; here are Ely's tips for setting expectations.

  1. Keep clients informed.
  2. Skip the impersonal approach.
  3. Stick to defined office hours.
  4. Protect your calendar at all costs.

For more on each of these tips, head over to the full article at Catersource.

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