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Top Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors

Event pro Meghan Ely shares tips on using competition to your advantage

Too often, competition is viewed as a threat. A scarcity mindset tells us that every client a competitor books is one we’ve lost, which can create resentment toward any company that offers similar products or services. 

However, a change in perspective can open you up to new ideas and opportunities that spur meaningful growth on both personal and professional levels. By accepting that there is plenty of business for everyone, you’ll see your competitors as fellow innovators rather than industry rivals—and that is when you can operate out of passion, not fear.

“A healthy respect between well-respected peers often leads to a positive push to compete and do better,” assures Vijay Goel of 440 Elm. “It's how we all get ideas and motivation to up our game!”

So instead of viewing competitors as adversaries, it’s worth taking a step back to see what you can learn from them. Here are four lessons to gain from healthy competition. 

To learn:

  • What the market craves 
  • Where you can improve 
  • What you should market 
  • How you can stand out 

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