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16 Ways to Increase Belonging at Events

Small steps get you started on the big goal of creating a sense of belonging for attendees at your events.

Our sister publication MeetingsNet recently published an article with some ideas for helping attendees to feel valued and connected to fellow attendees and the host organization. "Starting the journey toward creating belonging at your meeting doesn’t have to be overwhelming," said contributor Betsy Bair.

Here are some ideas to start your journey of increasing belonging at your events.

Throughout the Planning Process
1. Ask, ask, and ask
 again about which accommodations attendees need to feel they belong at your events and in the community.

2. Be authentic in whatever you do. Attendees will notice the difference between lip service and genuine empathy.

3. Find a stakeholder to champion the belonging cause with you.

4. Know your audience. This is particularly true as you work to attract and retain younger attendees. According to an October 2023 Industry Trend report from Maritz, nearly 60 percent of Gen Z respondents said they would avoid an event if they don’t know anyone. Survey your audience about what motivates them to attend and how they want to network.

Click here to read the full article and learn about ideas for increasing belonging pre-event, during, and post-event.

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