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The Life of Luxury

Working with luxury clients is “moonshot thinking”

For many, luxury is aspirational: being able to travel to luxurious places, dine at the finest restaurants, and generally have your needs and wants met in every scenario.

For event planners and caterers, luxury is about exclusivity, out-ofthe-box thinking, and glamour.

“It’s moonshot thinking—aiming to achieve something that is generally believed to be impossible,” said Robin Selden (Marcia Selden Catering & Events) during Luxury is a State of Mind (presented during Catersource + The Special Event 2022).

Attracting luxury clients (i.e., Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, tech executives, and politicians) is also aspirational to many in the events industry.

“Entering the luxury market is an excellent way to elevate your brand reputation and increase your revenue,” according to an article from Nora Sheils for NACE. But it’s not so much about “who” your client is.

“I could spin your head right now if I told you who my clients were, but I’m not going to,” Selden said, “because it’s not important to me, it’s important that those clients are telling their friends.”

If you’re hoping to break into the luxury market, it’s important to go in with your eyes open, since “high-end clients have high-end needs,” said Sheils. 

To read the full article, head over to Catersource magazine.

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