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Mark Wells at 2018 Gala Awards Photo by Special Events magazine
Mark Wells (at lectern, left) and the team from Hello Destination Management share the stage after their big win in 2018.

If You've Got to Get a Gala, Here's How

Tips on entering and winning the 2019 Special Events Gala Awards.

If a beautiful Gala Award trophy is just what your career needs, we can help. The Special Events 2019 Gala Awards competition is in full swing, and you have plenty of time to complete your entries.

This year's category runs the gamut from corporate to social events, technical expertise, and specialties such as floral design, table design and entertainment. New this year is Best Event Venue; if you want to tell the world why your venue is ideal for events, now is your chance.

You can find the Entry Form and our Q&A here

All entries are submitted online.

The deadline for Gala entries is 4 p.m. Pacific Time on Sept. 14. Our special "late-bird" deadline (for a slightly higher fee) is 4 p.m. Pacific Time on Sept. 21.

Questions? Ask them here.

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