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2019 forecast Photo by Frank Peters / © Getty Images

26 Event Industry Predictions for 2019

Sustainability, transparent venue pricing, streamlined staffing--some of the 26 trends forecast for 2019.

Events that are more sustainable, venues offering more transparent pricing, and a streamlined process for hiring event staff—these are three predictions for the event industry in 2019, according to interviews conducted by Eventbrite:

Before we get excited about the potential of AI and VR for events, the technology the industry should be getting excited about is dynamic pricing. It will enable venues to automate different pricing offers, according to availability. This will improve transparency and reduce costs for budget-conscious event organisers.

Automation will save venue management teams’ time and this saving may be passed on to event organisers through lower costs. This means creating an event will become more affordable than ever before, hopefully resulting in more events and meetings happening … Eventbrite

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