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5 Smart Tips to Juice Up 'FOMO' for Your Event

In a MeetingsNet article, Nick Borelli gives five tips for boosting "fear of missing out" for events

Your event is likely competing with many others for the attention of your would-be attendees. What is your secret weapon to keep them sticking with you? It's the magic of FOMO—aka Fear of Missing Out—which is that mixture of curiosity and envy that makes people stay engaged because they're scared they'll miss something cool. Our sister publications group, MeetingsNet, shares five savvy steps to juicing up the FOMO at your event:

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is that feeling that everyone is having more fun than you are. As Nick Borelli, president/strategist of Borelli Strategies told a rapt audience at an IMEX America 2016  session on the topic, FOMO “has been weaponized by social media.” Even though we know that it’s not necessarily real—we tend to only share our best sides and most interesting experiences on social media, not the bad and boring bits—FOMO is a powerful emotion. Here are five ways you can use it to draw more people to your event … MeetingsNet

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