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Special Events
Get Smarter: Order Research from Special Events Photo by SIphotography / © Getty Images

Get Smarter: Order Research from Special Events

Special Events magazine offers valuable industry research for a nominal fee, including studies of the biggest event production companies and event rental companies

Trying to develop next year's budget or marketing plan? Looking for new clients in your target market? Don't waste precious time guessing. Special Events has developed detailed industry research that can help guide your important business decisions.

Created by the Special Events editorial team and the expert research department of parent company Penton, our research arsenal includes the highly popular "50 Top Event Planning Companies" and "30 Top Event Rental Companies" lists as well as detailed industry surveys pinpointing the event marketplace and growth opportunities in such critical sectors as corporate events, hotel/resort events and event rental. 


All the information is available as PDFs that can be downloaded immediately for only a nominal fee--just click here.

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