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Michael Cerbelli 2018
Michael Cerbelli of Cerbelli Creative.

The Hot List 2018 Makes its MESE 2018 Debut

The popular Hot List from Michael Cerbelli is set to makes its MESE debut, offering exciting new acts and products for special events

The Hot List 2018, an insider’s guide to the most exciting new entertainment acts, products and services available to producers of special events, will make its Middle East Special Event and Exhibition Show debut on April 22. The program, led by event expert Michael Cerbelli, has been a longtime fixture at MESE’s sister show, The Special Event. MESE 2018 runs April 22-23 at the Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

“I have an amazing storied history with The Special Event Show,” says Cerbelli, head of New York-based Cerbelli Creative. “For 17 years, I have spoken from coast to coast in America, so when I was luckily asked by the TSE family to kick off the 2018 Middle East Special Event and Exhibition Show, I was more than honored.”

The Hot List is unique in the event industry in that host Cerbelli shares contacts for cutting-edge acts and services, rather than keeping access to them confidential.

The Hot List presentation has traveled to Russia, London and the Philippines, and the team is excited to make its way to Dubai, Cerbelli says.

“I am ecstatic to have been given the chance to share the best of the past five years of The Hot List with attendees in Dubai,” he says.

“Dubai is an ever-changing place, always at the forefront of architecture, fashion, design--much like the events industry--and thinking of new creative ways to entertain and wow people at events will give attendees that edge of knowing how to provide the high-class service to their clients that Dubai is known for,” Cerbelli adds. “I know I will leave the attendees inspired and with true tangible information that they can be adding to their events immediately.”

During his 40 years in the industry, Cerbelli has produced events created for or attended by Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, including singer Billy Joel and actor Robert De Niro.

To register for MESE 2018, click here.

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