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ILEA Releases ‘Global Events Industry Report’

The new report examines opportunities and threats for the event industry.

The International Live Events Association yesterday announced a new report that explores the subject of “commoditization” of the live events industry: what it is, what it means for the industry and how to address it.

“Unifying the Live Events Industry: A Global Events Industry Report” is a follow-up to the day-and-a-half dialogue at the ILEA Global Event Forum, Aug. 15-16 in Denver, which invited 30 elite live event influencers from around the globe to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing today’s event industry.

The group defined the industry’s strengths--its embrace of diversity, its ability to facilitate positive change, its economic impact--but also delved into threats, including fears about event safety and security, the difficulty of having event professionals recognized as professionals, and the expansion of digital and online communication.

“As live events professionals, we design and deliver meaningful live experiences by harnessing the power of face-to-face interaction,” said Sara Grauf, CSEP, ILEA president. “The ILEA Global Event Forum is the beginning of an ongoing conversation about how ILEA and live events professionals, associations and other industry organizations can cultivate change and innovation for future industry growth.”

To download a complimentary copy of the report, visit

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