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It's a Snap: Why and How to Use Snapchat at Your Events

It's a Snap: Why and How to Use Snapchat at Your Events

Tips on using social media platform Snapchat for special events

Just what you wanted: one more social media platform to feed, track and analyze! But Snapchat is definitely worth a second look as part of your social media arsenal, and Sue Pelletier of our sister publications group, MeetingsNet, shares why:

The logo may be a ghost, but there’s nothing scary about one of the newer social media platforms to bust onto the meetings scene. Snapchat posts may be ephemeral—texts, posts, photos, and videos disappear within 24 hours—but their impact on your meeting could be long-lasting. It was an instant hit with teenagers when it launched in 2011, but now millennials make up 73 percent of Snapchat’s 150 million daily users. It is especially popular with 18- to 34-year-old women, said Kelly Treadway, marketing and social media strategist with the boutique marketing agency EventCurious, during a recent MeetingsNet webinar on hot event technology. “Snaps are like events—temporary experiences that can have a lasting impact,” she said. Treadway outlined some of the ways planners are using Snapchat … MeetingsNet

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