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Marijuana Photo by Sand86 / © Getty Images

Leaving Las Vegas … And Your Cannabis

When one U.S. state says guests can have dope but another doesn't? Then it stays in Vegas!

Yes, your event guests can indulge in cannabis in some states in the U.S. now. So, how does a savvy event manager straddle weed possession in one state when the rules change once the event guest comes home? Vegas just worked to make this transition easier, says the Los Angeles Times:

Check your bags, dump the weed. McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is now offering travelers a chance to dispose of any marijuana they might have on them before hopping onto a flight. So-called "amnesty boxes" have been installed at the airport and soon will be located at smaller airports in North Las Vegas and Henderson — 20 dope boxes in all. More than half are already in place at various passenger drop-off sites and airport car rental sites. – Los Angeles Times

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