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A Letter to the Special Events Community

A open letter to the event industry during the coronavirus crisis.

Since 1982, Special Events has worked to give event pros the information and insights they need to be successful.

In these tough times, our mission remains unchanged.

Here are recent articles we’ve created on coping with coronavirus:

Tips on Keeping Your Event Business Afloat
Event Cancellation Insurance: How Much Can It Help?
Public Relations Strategies for Event Pros During the COVID-19 Crisis
COVID Confusion; Las Vegas Show Scene Prepares

And we are at work on more.

Please contact me directly with your suggestions and comments: [email protected].

Better and brighter times are coming; we will be with you now and in the days ahead.

All my best,

Lisa H.signature1.png

Lisa Hurley
Content Director
Special Events / The Special Event + Catersource

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