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Who’s News for March 22, 2024

Special Events industry news

Hot off the Press

An event during SXSW® dubbed “Domus Ex Machina” showcased the latest large-scale 3D building technology from industry leader ICON, who partnered with global, award-winning integrated agency BMF to bring the March 12 event to life during the festival. The event featured a film screening of ICON’s new innovations (shown to a packed theater of thousands of guests), a keynote from brand the co-founder and CEO, and even an on-site demo of ICON’s state-of-the-art robotic building arm. Overall, the event was a feat of experiential immersion for ICON, mounted with BMF’s creative support. 

Products on the Market

22Miles, a global leader in digital signage software and interactive digital solutions, released its Tradeshow AI Assistant: a custom-trained conversational AI tool that streamlines event operations and attendee support via an engaging, user-friendly and responsive chat interface. This solution offers a first-of-its-kind experience, leveraging the 22Miles generative AI solution integrated with the brand’s 3D Wayfinding App and content management capabilities. The Tradeshow AI Assistant offers fast, real-time event information and wayfinding that attendees can interact with naturally in any language. Organizers can deploy the Tradeshow AI Assistant on digital signage, websites or within the event app and easily update information throughout the event as needed. For attendees, the Tradeshow AI Assistant supports navigation across large venues, swiftly and accurately recalls event-related information, and ensures reliable, prompt self-service support on demand.

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