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Who’s News for November 24, 2022

Special Events business news

Venue News

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa has recently updated their meeting and event space areas with new carpet, wall coverings, light fixtures, furniture and an LED panel with digital signs. Designed by Looney & Associates, the renovated design truly reflects the surrounding Hill Country, nature-filled landscape of rolling hills, wide open spans of skies, cool meandering rivers, and nature-filled land. The retreat center offers more than 265,000 square feet of area designed with the latest audiovisual technology. 

Products on the Market

A new product has hit the markets: The Vendry Pro by The Vendry is officially launching November 30. This platform is the new and improved way to source venues and vendors for events, offering a dedicated knowledgebase where teams can easily share their notes, files, and other insights with one another, as well as RFP tools that can collect proposals from any venue or vendor and automatically sync up with the company knowledgebase. 

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