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Who’s News for September 29, 2023

Special Events industry news

Givsly, the purpose-led advertising and marketing company, announced its commitment to reduce the carbon impact from their events in 2024 by 45 percent, which will be a large step forward as the company moves toward achieving net zero by 2026. The effort begins with the launch of its annual Season Without Swag campaign and will extend to its Karaoke for Causes events, which are expanding to multiple cities, and to their annual Cannes Impact Hub.  Givsly is challenging industry events to move away from the carbon neutral buzzword and ineffective offsetting to actually reduce carbon for a truly sustainable event process. The standard Givsly event only produces 1.1 tCO2e, which is already about 50% less compared to similar events. Click here to learn more about the company’s efforts. 

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