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Who's News September 22, 2022

Special Events business news

Venue News

Rand Tower Hotel, located in Minneapolis, Minn., is offering the choice of brand color to light up the exterior of the building during corporate events. In addition to displaying personalized branding and lights on the hotel’s exterior, corporate groups can also choose custom interior set-ups and decor. Venues in the hotel include The Hangar and Executive Club, as well as food and beverage options from Twin Cities restaurateur Chef Daniel Del Prado. 

Hot off the Press

Coachella, one of the world’s biggest music and art festivals, returned in April 2022 in the USA along with its Pico-activated landmark HP Antarctic Dome. Inside was REGEN, an immersive 360-degree multisensory journey combining tech, art and music which was experienced by more than 80,000 festivalgoers. Created by Infinity Marketing Team (IMT), member of the Pico Group, in collaboration with nine renowned digital artists and music duo ODESZA, REGEN gained even more attention by being minted into a 1:1 NFT art piece which became the largest 1:1 art piece ever traded on the Solana blockchain. “The 90-foot dome was enhanced with the addition of light effects that extended the content further into the environment beyond the projection surface area, and the L-Isa immersive sound system allowed us to fully map our sound effects around the space,” said creative director Pedro Tristan Ferreira. “I hope experiences like REGEN serve as inspiration to both clients and teammates to allow themselves to try new and exciting things.” 

In Memoriam

On September 19, the State Funeral for Her Majesty the Queen took place at Westminster Abbey in London. The Service paid tribute to The Queen’s reign and lifetime of service as Head of State, Nation and Commonwealth. Before the service, the Abbey’s Tenor Bell tolled once a minute for 96 minutes, one toll for each year of The Queen’s life. A total of 800 guests attended a committal service later in the day at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. 

Beloved industry titan Jerome “Jerry” Marvin Smolar passed away peacefully on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, surrounded by family. In 2005, Jerry established The Chameleon Chair Collection, a special event design and manufacturing firm whose patented chairs went on to become one of the most significant new products in the event design industry.  Chameleon's initial foray into the chair business was to provide 1,500 chairs for the 2005 Academy Awards® Governors Ball. Since then, Chameleon Chair has gone on to become one of the industry's most recognized seating options for weddings and corporate events. Special Events wishes condolences for the family and all who will miss this impactful industry leader. 

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