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Who's News in Special Events for December 17, 2020

Special events business news

AllSeated will be hosting a virtual event on January 7, 2021 to celebrate the live events and meeting industry worldwide!  During the virtual event, hosted on SallSeated's new platform exVo, attendees will have the opportunity to “teleport" from city to city while networking with thousands of your fellow event and meeting colleagues. Visit the “House of Cerbelli Creative” and the “House of Entire Productions,” experience interactive entertainment, hear from keynote speakers and panelist discussions, touch base with prominent event industry associations and major event industry publications, and attend the rooftop afterparty virtually in Mexico for The SEARCH Foundation.  


HUSHconcerts is a silent-disco company that normally provides their innovative wireless headphone technology to music festivals all over the country, and with the pandemic not slowing down, they have altered their business plan and have made a huge splash in the meetings and conventions industry. Using their headphones, HUSH creates a one-of-a-kind and socially distant experience at meetings all over the country. 


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