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Who's News in Special Events for October 8, 2020

Special events business news

Room Mate Hotels in collaboration with Quirónprevención, is set to become the first hotel chain to offer free COVID-19 tests to its guests. From mid-October – with the help of fully-qualified healthcare professionals from Quirónprevención – the company will offer rapid antigen test for guests checking in at its hotels, as well as providing them with a symptom tracking service throughout their stay, using an app. In order to ensure safety and peace of mind for both its external and internal clients, these antigen tests will also be provided for all the company's roomies, to ensure their safety in the workplace. 

Award-winning NY-based agency Soho Experiential has adapted its suite of offerings to create the Virtual Events Group - a department focusing on bringing their expertise in concepting and executing in-person experiences to creating innovative campaigns designed for remote audiences.  

To lead this new department, Soho Experiential has tapped agency leader Lauren Weber, elevating her to Director of Virtual Events and Training.  A member of the Soho family since 2014, Weber personally built the agency’s Training & Quality Control department, and was an integral part of launching Soho’s Ambassador Division, touching almost every piece of business across Soho’s diverse client network. 

Swift Digital has released new primary research into the Australia Events market, its reaction to COVID-19 and the surprising upsides it has generated. 

Key findings of the research include: 

  • 54% of respondents are not planning in-person events until at least April 2021 and  10% are deferring to beyond October 2021. 
  • 81% of respondents reported the same or better attendance at virtual events than their previous in-person events 
  • Virtual events are so effective that 67% of respondents are planning to continue to  run them when restrictions are 100% lifted. 
  • On balance - the ROI of virtual events exceeds the ROI of in-person events 
  • But 60% of respondents have reduced event budgets in 2021 

The full findings are available from Swift Digital: Announcing: 2020 Lessons from the Shift to Virtual Events in the Australian Events Management Industry.

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