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Certified Accountants Congress Uses Holograms and Other Tech to Dazzle

Europalco's use of tech to create an engaging show

Still think holograms are for the future? Think again. Holograms are here and making events exciting with an extra element of engagement.  

Portuguese global event company Europalco used holograms to spice up Lisbon’s 4th Annual Certified Accountant Congress. The 3-day event attracted more than 6,000 certified accountants from all around Portugal to learn about sustainability and non-financial reporting, corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainable economy and accounting metrics and indices. 

With only three days to prepare, a team of 72 experienced technicians staged a complexly designed technical project. The company set up an astonishing 50m x 14m main screen at the Altice Arena and used 6 Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors. They also used the state-of-the-art show controller Movecat Motion Expert-T III, roll-down screens and a holographic screen to project customized digital content. To manage the display and handle multiple signals, the company used a Christie Spyder X80 processor to run the contents coming from Christie Pandoras Box media servers. 

Attendees wore luminous wristbands which added a bit of lit-up flair to the space. Many distinguished speakers inspired attendees, including the Minister of Finance, the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, the President of the Portuguese Association of Accountants, the President of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC); and His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.  

After the speeches, workshops, and rich discussions, Europalco transformed the daytime event into a gala dinner with a different floor plan, lighting, furniture and decorations to bring new energy into the room. Comfortable furniture created a relaxed atmosphere, and overall, the event was an educational and networking success.  

"We have a team with much experience in corporate events attended by thousands of people," said Pedro Magalhães, founder and CEO of Europalco. "These complex projects make us very excited when they go very well, and we get delighted clients as a result.” 

Take a look at the photo gallery for an inside peek at the Certified Accountant Congress! 

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