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Bright Seaside furniture line Photo by Colson Griffith Photography

Bright Presents ‘Seaside’ Furniture Collection

The stylish, modular line is designed to perform well outdoors.

Available from Bright Event Rentals, the stylish, modular “Seaside” system comprises essential pieces with either a single or double base, arms that serve as sides or backs, and plush seat and back cushions. The seating pieces are available with matching coffee tables that feature granite-finished tempered glass.

Modern and flexible, the design changes to suit the event designer’s needs and easily adapts to new modular configurations, from armchair to middle pieces or adding pieces to turn into a chaise or daybed. The pieces are finished in gray powder coat on a modular frame and upholstered in gray Sunproof fabric seat and back cushions. Arm/back pieces feature a large basketweave mesh fabric in gray.

Note: Act fast--information on this product is available online only through Dec. 17, 2018

Come see Bright Event Rentals at The Special Event 2019 in Booth 1203.

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