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All_Occasions_Tabletop_2020.jpg Photo courtesy All Occasions Party Rental
Gold Geomod charger mats from All Occasions Party Rental; offering distinctive shapes and colors, "Charger mats are becoming very popular," the company says.

Color, Custom Looks to Rule at Events, Rental Pros Say

After years of monochromatic looks, color and customization will rule in 2020, event rental pros say.

What looks will rule in event rental in the Roaring 2020s? Think color and custom, rental leaders say.

“As we exit a decade full of minimalist looks, I think you will see the monochromic style fade away,” says Lindsey Saxon, account executive at Cleveland-based Event Source. “You will see designs introducing styles with bold colors, whether that be through chairs, linens, dinnerware or even floral.”

Events are also moving away from “family style” in favor of more individualized elements, says Brigitte Bates, business development manager of Teterboro, N.J.-based Party Rental Ltd.

GOING GREEN A major color for 2020 will be green—as in sustainability. “Popularity for ‘green’ or sustainable weddings has grown, and renting items fits by significantly reducing paper and plastic waste,” says Michael Berman, CEO of Stuart Event Rentals in Milpitas, Calif. “We are regularly setting up recycling stations at receptions.”

Another factor shaping the look of event rental this year: the incredible power of social media.

“Everyone is thinking about projecting their hashtag moments to ensure their event is considered successful by their friends,” Berman says. “The impact for rental companies is the increased challenge of providing products that set the stage for stunning visuals.”

Social media and the mighty smartphone not only help event hosts share the look of their events with the world; these tools also help rental companies better understand their clients.

JUST SHOW ME “The visualization aspect of social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram, has assisted with communication and better understanding client needs, as they are able to show us what they are looking for rather than just describing their ideas,” says Heather Rouffe, managing partner at Atlas Event Rental in Boynton Beach, Fla.

But social media can be too much of a good thing.

“At times in our industry and others, popular looks can become a little too recycled online,” says Kathleen Schmidt, account executive with Arlington, Va.-based DC Rental. “So it’s important to keep the mix eclectic when purchasing new inventory.” She adds, “We also love hearing from clients, who saw something reimagined on Instagram. You never know when you may give new life to an older inventory item. Everyone loves a remix.”

TALKING TABLES Dining table trends in 2020 will feature an endless mix of scheme combinations. The rules? There aren’t any.

“We will continue to see is a mix of shapes, textures and height,” Saxon says. “Height is a fun way to change up a table scene. Adding height to the room really draws the eye to new levels. You can also add texture to your tables by mix and matching linen and linen-less tables.”

Color is another powerful way rental companies will keep things interesting in 2020.

“Colored glassware pops mixed with classic styles has been a popular trend,” says Whitney Demchak, creative director of Eighty Four, Penn.-based All Occasions Party Rental. “Adding a colored or specialty water goblet gives the advantage of bringing color or theme to the table while keeping the rest of the glassware classic and clear for an elegant combination.”

A speaking of water goblets …

“The day of the water goblet is back,” says J. Riccardo Benavides, founder and creative director of Ideas Events and Rentals, San Francisco. “More clients are focused on glassware that isn’t for alcohol since many are focused on health, and a great water goblet can bring panache to an otherwise forgotten beverage” …

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