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Five Freebie Fixes for the COVID Crisis

From adjusting lease payments to helpful webinars, here are five quick fixes for event professionals during the COVID crisis.

From adjusting lease payments to helpful webinars, here are five quick fixes for event professionals during the COVID crisis--and they are free:

Defer payments on your vehicle leases: Joann Roth-Oseary, head of Tarzana, Calif.-based Someone’s in the Kitchen, called Ford Credit Corp. regarding her vehicle leases. “They have agreed to waive the next three months and put that on the end of our leases with no penalty,” she says. “I think this is the kind of advice that is needed for all businesses to survive and try to get some relief from their constant overhead until life resumes. I am on the phone with all of these kinds of expenses that we have.”

Help turn old conference bags into face masks: Clear out some storage space while helping fight coronavirus. Science shows face masks made of woven cotton aren’t as protective as those made from nonwoven polypropylene—the stuff of reusable conference tote bags. The team at the nonprofit MakerMask can turn your old stash of bags into masks—reach out to [email protected].

Get smart with WIPA: The top-flight wedding planner association has been hosting a robust series of webinars, covering topics from contract negotiations to marketing tips to forecasting the future. They’re free—and if you miss any, they are available online. See them all here.

Free trial for “contact-free” rental software: The Rental eSign software program from Point of Rental enables rental companies to send and collect signatures remotely—a dream come true in our days of “social distancing.” The system also can be used on site using an easily disinfected tablet—no need to pass papers from hand to hand. Now, Point of Rental is offering the software for a 90-day free trial; learn more here.

Be dazzled with entertainment from Eplus: Did you happen to miss the five-hour New Year’s Eve show at Aria in Las Vegas? Get your own snapshot of the extravaganza—with a cast of 10 and more than 1,000 costumes—with this video link.

Got a great freebie to share with the special events community? Please send it here—thank you.

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