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Rental Pros Share 25 Ways They Will Boost Business in 2017

Event rental pros share 25 ways they plan to boost business

The latest event rental study from Special Events is mainly positive, with some 93 percent of respondents saying they will handle the same number or more events this year than they did in 2016.

A total of 64 percent of respondents say they will handle more events this year than they did in 2016. This is, however, a downshift from the robust 80 percent who told Special Events they would oversee more events in 2016 than they did in 2015.

But how will these rental pros make 2017 a good year? Here, a laundry list of 25 verbatim comments from our respondents—and this is just a sample of all they said:

  1. Reaching out to more repeat customers such as venues and decorators
  2. Making sure everyone is on board with providing a beyond-excellent client experience is a key part of what we will be doing in 2017
  3. Invest, train, market, celebrate
  4. Offering more unique items
  5. Offering full-service set-up and tear-down; and our clients have access to all our inventory on the day of their event at no additional cost
  6. Streamlining marketing efforts
  7. Hiring new outside sales staff
  8. Being the best
  9. A friendlier approach to clients
  10. Being true to our brand of being a high-end rental company featuring products that are unique to our market
  11. Finding more interactive rentals
  12. Building a new online catalogue for clients to access
  13. Updating our website with new photos
  14. Increasing social media exposure
  15. Doing the opposite of our competitors
  16. Hiring a design expert to foresee what’s coming and source new products
  17. Intensive training of staff to provide excellent customer service
  18. Improving our showrooms
  19. Educating myself
  20. Throwing a party to share what’s new in a live experience.
  21. Joining forces with other rental companies
  22. Communicating our longevity and our ability to keep up with trends and creating new options in-house
  23. Continuing to tell our story at industry meetings
  24. Re-organizing our sales team
  25. Using social media more

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