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Special Events
An elegant event from Marquee Event Group based in Austin Texas Jerry Hayes Photography
<p>An elegant event from Marquee Event Group, based in Austin, Texas.</p>

What's Next for Event Rental? Insights from the 19th Annual Special Events "30 Top Rental Companies"

Special Events magazine shares business insights from its 19th annual &quot;30 Top Rental Companies&quot; list of big party and event rental companies

For nearly 20 years, Special Events has tapped the biggest event rental companies in the business to see what is trending in inventory and the business as a whole. The full story will run in our Fall 2016 issue, but here are some quick takes:

Editor's note: Download the entire 2016 "30 Top" list here.

"We've seen a fundamental change in the role rental houses play in the industry," A1 management says. "As the event rental industry matures and becomes more mainstream, and the awareness of our capabilities become more commonly known to end users and producers, the more we will be called upon to play a bigger part in the planning and execution of each event.

"Venue managers and event coordinators are now utilizing us for their event design and planning. They now rely on us for CAD layouts and renderings, and original artwork. We are currently experiencing this within the major sporting and music events industry, in these extremely competitive markets, producers are renewing their focus on the individual attendee's experience, and they are looking to more accomplished rental houses to help them improve that experience."
A1 Party
Covina, Calif.


"Although the economy has improved significantly and our industry continues to grow, it has still required us to work harder and smarter for our business," the Apres team says.
"People aren't only looking for a great value but they are looking for top-notch service, which we pride ourselves on offering our clients every time. The future growth of our company continues to look very positive, as we are seeing a steady increase in corporate, public and private events."
Apres Party and Tent Rental

"Expect the robust events market to continue," Bright management says, noting that it's "important to the industry that we continue to invest and run our businesses responsibly."
Bright Event Rentals
Sonoma, Calif.

"We think clients are bored of rental companies that just sell commodities," Choura management says. "Clients are able to easily compare and shop competitors online, so having a compelling brand that engages with its fans is becoming more important than resting on reputation alone."

Also, "Customers are also less forgiving when it comes to average product--they expect, and deserve, great equipment, every time. Companies that truly provide benefits in the form of customer service, design and overall 'event support' success are going to rise to the top."
Choura Events
Torrance, Calif.

"Safety and proper tent ballasting will continue to be a concern as regulation of the industry tightens on the municipal level," CORT management says.
CORT Party Rental

"For now the event landscape continues to stay stable," ERU management says. "We are seeing the trend continue toward better events with respectable budgets. There seems to be a lot more planners now than in years past, and social media is making them easier to locate and hire. Pictures of a great event are just one click away, and that’s driving the creativity differently than anything ever has in the past.

"Social media is providing end clients many more ideas, which has spawned a wave of creativity that helps drive designers and their parties. Overall it's been helpful to execute the vision, and nice to see new talented individuals contributing to the event industry." And, "It is always a bit uncertain in an election year, and this one has proved to be both different and vexing. Overall we see a continuation of good times!"
Event Rentals Unlimited/Tents Unlimited

Guest counts and budgets have increased for all social events, especially weddings and fundraisers, Hall's management says. Corporate events are increasing "but with shorter lead times." Overall, the team is "looking forward to a stronger second half of 2016."
Hall's Rental Service
Niles, Ill.

"As our clients' events continue to grow in size and scope, our ability to provide superior logistics proves to be a real value to the customer," management says. "Providing a larger share of the event enables us to link the creative team with the ops team to deliver great events at a true value."
M&M The Special Events Co.
Carol Stream, Ill.

"Marquee continues to see demand for distinctive custom and upscale linens," management says. "Metallics were a big trend that should continue in to next year. We are also looking forward to seeing our clients use our china, glassware and flatware mixed in new and creative ways. Since every event is now unique, personalized and eclectic, we will continue to respond with fresh and exciting inventory."
Marquee Event Group
Austin, Texas

See the full story and complete list in the Fall issue of Special Events. Not a subscriber? We can fix that—just click here.

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