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Bonus! TSE Featured Speakers: Lenn Millbower

Meet the speakers at Catersource + The Special Event!

Lenn Millbower, Primary Consultant, Mouse Man Consulting 

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Lenn Millbower, the Mouse Man™, consults, keynotes, and coaches Walt Disney-inspired customer service, leadership, innovation, and presentation skills methodologies so that organizations and professionals can rediscover their own unique business pixie-dust. Everything Walt Disney touched seemed magical. It wasn’t magic. It was method. Learn the method and you can create your own business magic. 

Lenn saw Disney methodologies up close. He spent 25 years at Walt Disney World® Resort*, starting in Operations at Epcot, stage managing shows at Disney-MGM Studios, opening Disney's Animal Kingdom, writing training programs for employees at the Disney University, designing performance improvement programs for business professionals at the Disney Institute, leading training for Walt Disney Entertainment and managing the training function for Walt Disney World Learning Solutions. Lenn was involved in leadership, customer service, customer loyalty, customer service recovery, and innovation and orientation programs. He wrote training programs for housekeeping, food and beverage, custodial, merchandise, guest relations, characters and firework technicians.  

On the opening team for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Lenn was responsible for establishing the Entertainment training department and on-boarding and training new cast members and their leaders. In recognition of this achievement, Lenn was honored with Disney’s exclusive Partners in Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award. Clients booking Lenn quickly discover that his varied background at Walt Disney World Resort* allows him to align his strategies and tactics to any industry.  

Mouse Man™ consulting delivers innovative solutions to real organizational issues. Lenn and his team—with over 100 years of collective Walt Disney World Resort* experience—help clients discover their own unique pixie-dust and reconnect their organization with their own special magic. Past clients have included health care, financial services, technical, transportation, grocery, retail, waste management and governmental and military agency professionals. All walk away with real-life Walt Disney inspired strategies and actual tactics applicable to their specific needs. Mouse Man™ keynotes and workshops are also highly engaging.  

Lenn has also presented for SGMP, Training, ATD and industries including government, military, power, utilities, poultry farmers, medical professionals, grocery and property management professionals. Lenn’s published works include Care Like a Mouse (2018), The Learnertainment® Pocket Tip Book (2012), ASTD InfoLine: Music as a Training Tool (2004), Game Show Themes for Trainers CD (2002), Show Biz Training (2002), Cartoons for Trainers (2001), Training and with a Beat (2000).  

Mousify Your Meetings for MAGICal Results 

Thursday, March 30 at 12:30 p.m. 

When Walt Disney contemplated building an amusement park, his wife dismissively asked, "Why? They are so dirty." Walt replied, "Mine will be different." And different it was. Disneyland—because of the insight, planning, and customer focus that went into its development was an immediate success.  

To bring his parks to life, Walt and his successors combined science and common sense. They maximized crowd flow for the efficient delivery of services, sequenced layouts to ratchet up excitement and anticipation, thrust people into immersive environments layered with sensory stimuli, structured stories for maximum emotional impact, and aligned park offerings with the needs and wants of their guests. The result is a worldwide phenomenon.  

In this insightful and illuminating session, the speaker—a 25-year Walt Disney World® Resort* operations, entertainment, and training veteran—pulls back the curtain on Walt's science and sense approach. He will share what Disney does to make their theme parks so organized, so immersive, and so memorable. At each step in the process, the presenter will relate this information to the event business and help you apply Walt Disney's theme park methodology to your needs. Let's meet like a mouse so you can deliver your own magical results. 


*Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and sources. The writer and sources are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, and this article is not authorized or endorsed by the Walt Disney company or any of its affiliates. All Disney-related trademarks are property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. 


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