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Catersource + The Special Event Kicks Off Cabaret Style at Connect Live

This year's opening welcome reception at CS+TSE brought all the excitement

All photos courtesy WASIO Faces
Event Chair Jean-Michel Santacreu, JMS Event Design & Production 

On Monday, March 27, Art of Catering Food came to a close and Catersource + The Special Event kicked off with an energetic celebration. This year’s Connect Live brought together attendees at Big Fin Seafood Kitchen in Orlando to get excited for the week ahead.  

At this opening welcome reception, themed "Cabaret La Belle Epoque," attendees walked into an art deco nightclub vibe and were greeted by performers in cabaret costume. Entertainment opened with Gary Lovini, an electric violinist who performed covers that hyped up the crowd, which led into a cabaret-style burlesque performance by the performers of VarieTEASE by BlueLaLa Entertainment. 

Being a spacious seafood restaurant, Big Fin provided oysters, shrimp, and other seafood appetizers, as well as beverages across multiple bars. Between the amusements and the company, it was an enjoyable night that made everyone look forward to the week. 

Click through our photo gallery to relive the fun! 

To see a full list of Connect Live sponsors, click here.

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