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Catersource + The Special Event Take On the Trends

10 trends to include in your events

Staying on top of event trends can be daunting, especially since they’re constantly evolving (regardless of how long they stick around). 

“Event trends are a little more difficult to come by right now because the biggest trend is ‘How do we deliver?’” David Merrell (AOO Events) said during his Catersource + The Special Event session, Current Trends in the Event Industry. “The trend is to get your business back and operating.”

Fortunately, Catersource + The Special Event (held this past March in Orlando, FL) was the perfect one-stop-shop to hear (and in some cases see) the trends that event planners are talking about. Here’s a look at what’s trending, and what you should keep an eye out for during your upcoming events.

  1. Getting wild
  2. Bringing the outdoors in
  3. Jazzed up entertainment   
  4. An immersive beginning 
  5. Going mobile  
  6. Horsin’ around 
  7. Say cheese 
  8. Make it pop 
  9. Break the code 
  10. A wellness check 

To learn about each of these trends, read the full article from Catersource magazine.

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Photo courtesy WASIO Faces/SpotMyPhotos

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