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Active Shooter Photo by Asian Delight / © Getty Images

TSE Adds Session on ‘Active Shooters at Events’

New TSE 2018 session will address strategies to face the threat of active shooters at special events.

The Special Event 2018 has just added a new session to its education roster: “Survive--Preparation and Response to Active Shooter and Mass Attack Events.”

This two-hour training session is designed to give all participants the plan, confidence and mindset that they will need to survive an active shooter or mass attack event.

The session will cover:

* The history of mass attacks in the United States

* Missed opportunities and lessons learned

* The will to survive and the survival mindset

* A lifesaving model-- SIPCoDE / BFF

* Human physiology and medical interventions

* Practical applications

To register for sessions at The Special Event 2018, click here.

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