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TSE Featured Speakers: David Adler, Cristian Hernandez & More

Meet the speakers of Catersource + The Special Event!

Cristian Hernandez, Director of Business Development, Rosendale Events 


Cristian Hernandez is the Director of Business Development for Rosendale Events at Southern Exchange Ballrooms. Cristian has a decade of successful experience in hospitality management. Cristian's passion and desire for growth and development in the hospitality industry led him to establish excellent working relationships with clients, vendors, and staff. His dedication to attentiveness never leaves a detail unattended, and his clients always know the event will go as planned to make great experiences that will last a lifetime. Cristian has successfully executed lavish, luxurious weddings, and corporate events in and around the Atlanta region and at the Master's Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. 

Carlos Madrigal, Director of Operations, Rosendale Events 


Carlos Madrigal has over 15 years of hospitality experience. Carlos has exhibited exceptional skills in operations management, ensuring smooth and efficient event execution. His meticulous attention to detail and strong leadership abilities have enabled him to successfully oversee a wide range of events, from corporate conferences to elegant weddings. Carlos's dedication to providing exceptional customer support has earned him a stellar reputation among clients and colleagues alike. Recognized for his ability to foster talent and create a positive work environment, Carlos has a proven track record of cultivating high-performing teams. Carlos possesses a natural flair for staff training and development, empowering his team members to deliver exceptional service and exceed client expectations. Carlos consistently demonstrates his ability to handle the complexities of event logistics, ensuring seamless coordination and execution from start to finish. 

Kimberly McKnight, Event Coordinator, Rosendale Events 


Kimberly McKnight is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 22 years of experience in the industry. Currently serving as the Event Coordination Manager at Rosendale Eevnts at Southern Exchange Ballrooms in Atlanta, Georgia, Kimberly has demonstrated exceptional skills in operations management, leadership, and client relations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, she has excelled in various roles and established herself as a trusted professional in the field. Kimberly's unwavering passion for the hospitality industry, coupled with her extensive experience and exceptional skills in operations management, leadership, customer service, talent cultivation, staff training, and event management, makes her a highly sought-after professional in Atlanta's event industry. Her commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and creating lasting memories sets her apart, positioning her as an invaluable asset to any organization or event she is involved in. With Kimberly at the helm, clients can trust in her ability to orchestrate seamless and extraordinary events that exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. 

The Art of a Room Flip 
4:15 p.m. Tuesday, February 13 

A flip is not just a word when it comes to an event as special to your client as it is to the Rosendale Event Operations Team. Join the room flip masters as they show the best techniques for room flipping—from showcasing the best equipment how to make it work in your favor and to help reduce overall costs, using floor diagrams to your advantage to save time, and staffing formulas—to how to master a room flip in a short amount of time. 

David Adler, CEO, BizBash 


David Adler is Chairman & Founder of BizBash, author of the new book Harnessing Serendipity, and a veteran media, publishing, PR, marketing, and event industry entrepreneur. Previously he was VP/Corporate Communications for the publishing firm, Macmillan, Inc. and the magazine publishing giant, PRIMEDIA. Following graduation from college, David founded the society magazine Washington Dossier that was sold after 14 years of operation, and became the VP of Passion Branding/Cause Marketing for Cone Communications.  

Trends in Setting the Stage for Serendipity 
11:15 a.m. Tuesday, February 13

Based on 22 years at the helm of BizBash and his new book, Harnessing Serendipity, David gives you his take on the trends for making events better for both attendees and organizers. David will teach you how to create better events by setting the stage for collaboration. You will also hear how the best in the industry do it and how you can emulate their styles. Enjoy a short booksigning with David afterward at Breakpoint Books. 

You can see Cristian, Carlos, Kimberly, and David LIVE at Catersource + The Special Event in Austin from Feb 12-15. 

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